Social Networking

  • 73% of learners of English say they want to learn using a computer; 69% say socialising is a main motivation in their learning and that they want to have fun; 92% think it's important to develop their problem-solving skills (British Council global research conducted by IPSOS MORI in 2007. The results were gathered from 4000 learners around the world)

These days there are so many different social networks it's hard to know where to start.bc-networks.jpg
Social networks such as Orkut, MySpace and Facebook are extremely popular and flexible.
Other social networks such as Book Crossing and Kroonos cater to a much smaller audience.

The British Council has a social network specially for English Language Teachers.

And you can even build your own social network using a tool such as Ning.
Look at what one Brazilian Teachers' Association has started: SALT Ning
And what Maura has started with her teenage learners: