Cartoon strips and comics

Grammar Man
EFL/ESL Comic site

Hero Machine
Create your own super hero. Also available:
Rock stars :
Real Life:

Bitstrips is a website which allows you to make online comic strips and to share them with others

Makebeliefs Comix
Makebeliefs Comix is a similar site to Bitstrips but has a different feel about it

Try out one or both of these sites and then answer the questions below

  • What kinds of projects could you use these tools for?
  • What would be the best way to integrate these tools into your classes?

B) Projects with Animated Cartoons

DVolver Moviemaker

DVolver Moviemaker is fun animated film making software. Here are some ideas how to make good use of it.

dvolver.jpg Film Vocabulary

DVolver Moviemaker has a lot of lexical items related to films and other texts to read when learners choose the options for their films:

Movie Making: Location / Background / Plot / Character / Lines / Title / Credits / Director
Film Genres: Romance / Drama / Comedy / Action / Horror / Sci-Fi / Documentary

Other Vocabulary

There are other words which are used in the software which could be introduced to the learners if appropriate:

Rendezvous / Pick Up / Chase / Soliloquy - options when selecting 'plot'
Occupation / Traits / Likes / Style / Look / Locale / Mood / Skills / Hobbies / - options when selecting 'character'

Location / Temperature / Population / Flora & Fauna / Humidity / Conditions / Visibility / Sunset / Features / Population / Amenities / ...and many more under lexical items under each background picture (see screen shot above).

Suggested Lesson Plan

IT all depends on the age / level of the young learners, but here is one suggested lesson plan for exploiting DVolver Moviemaker

Zimmer Twins


Zimmer Twins is another online animated film site, which can be found here: moz-screenshot.jpg

Zimmer Twins has a totally different look and feel to it and unlike D-Film, Zimmer Twins has a number of different story starters for students to complete and also uses speech in the starters of the movies.

Tip: It's a good idea to create an account for the class so you can save movies.

To do

Try out both D-Film and Zimmer Twins now to see which you like best and decide for yourself the one you'd choose to use with students.