Cooperate, Coordinate, Collaborate

Publishing online is a great way of connecting your students to the world outside the classroom. Through their publishing projects they can also learn how best to work and communicate together.

Today's generations of students are using the Web as a means of self-expression. Many of them expect to add to it as much as they take from it. Publishing students can motivate these students and also opens up the classroom, giving a real audience for student work (not just the teacher) and a real reason for producing writing or speaking (to communicate!).

However, the first thing we need to decide is...which direction to take?


blogs! online diary-like websites that are simple-to-produce and powerful tools for self-expression

wikis! powerful collaborative tools that are excellent ways of organising project work

podcasts! published downloadable audio - real reasons for working on student speaking skills

photos! a picture is worth how many words? Start a photo project and see how many words your students produce

cartoons! motivate students through comic strips or animated cartoons - hold a film festival or produce a class comic

videos! creating a TV show or short film with your students has never been easier. Now there are also dozens of ways to share these films with others from around the world

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