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What is a community of practice?
It refers to a group of practitioners with common learning goals who come together to learn from each other through participation and involvement.

Why should you be interested?
We all know just how rapidly technology changes. So fast it is impossible to keep up - if you try to go it alone. As a teacher interested in ICT, by joining a community of practice (CoP), you'll find other like-minded practitioners sharing knowledge and experience with each other and learning together how best to use the new tools and technology to support the learning goals of our students.

By joining some of these networks you are also connecting to a global community of teachers. If you ever want to begin a shared project with your learners and connect to other learners in other countries, then these CoPs will also help you.

Where can I start?
There are lots of places where teachers gather online that you are spoilt for choice. Here are just a few relevant to language teachers:

  • Webheads in Action is a community of practice of mainly (but not only) English language teachers interested in using technology with their students and colleagues. They are a distributed community, participating in many different sites, but the centre is the Webheads in Action Yahoo Group. They also meet regularly at Tapped In (see below), every Sunday at 12.00 GMT. Perhaps the best introduction to this group is by joining the free 6 week online course run by the TESOL Electronic Village Online entitled 'Becoming a Webhead', which usually runs from the end of January to the beginning of March every year.

  • Tappedin is a community which offers high-quality online professional development experiences and support to more teachers. You'll find events, workshops and online tools, resources, colleagues, and support to help you.

  • Learning Times is "an open community for education-minded people. Members have free access to a wide range of opportunities to interact and network with peers from across the globe - live online, asynchronously and face-to-face."

  • Wikieducator: : "We're turning the digital divide into digital dividends using free content and open networks. We hope you will join us"

  • The British Council - BBC's Teaching English website is now a full social network that lets you participate by starting a blog and sharing resources, etc. In addition, there are lots of articles about teaching English, lesson plans and other resources for you to use.

  • The BRAZ-TESOL EduTech Special Interest Group (SIG) is another great place to connect with teachers interested in using technology with their students. Join the Yahoo group and keep in touch with what's going on nationwide.